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I first wrote “The Malvern Hills - Travels through Elgar Country” back in 1989. Due to demand to update it, I wrote Malvern Hills and Westward in 2002. This is a perfect keepsake or present for anyone who knows and loves the Malvern Hills and Herefordshire.



This book was the product of four years of planning, research, writing, photography and collaboration which I completed in 1999.

Silva: The Tree In Britain celebrates the essential and often unsung role trees have played in the history of the British Isles. With significant chapter contributions from John White, Anne McIntyre FNIMH, Stephen Daniels MA, MSc PhD and Simon Brett, it is designed to educate, inform and inspire.



Books created in association with The Tree Council


Why are leaves green? The Hedge Tree Handbook and Trees in Your Ground. Click on the images above to visit The Tree Council website for details.

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A celebration of some of Britain's finest Heritage Trees. Inspired by the smaller 'Great British Trees' book published by The Tree Council in 2002, this book extends the range of trees covered and looks at a wide variety of species which are special to Britain's cultural, botanical and landscape history. The main aim behind the publication was to promote the Tree Council's Green Monuments Campaign, whereby ancient and heritage trees are given legally protected status akin to those laws which protect our most ancient monuments.




Written by Donald Rodger, Jon Stokes and James Ogilvie with photos by Edward Parker and myself. The hardback version has 132 trees featured, while the softback has 100. Many of the trees were originally nominated by members of the public as part of the Treefest Scotland 2002 programme co-ordinated by the Forestry Commission. A panel of experts selected the trees from an extremely long list of candidates..


Signed copies can be obtained direct from me.

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The Malvern Hills and Westward

SILVA: The Tree in Britain

The Heritage Trees of Britain and Northern Ireland

Heritage Trees of Scotland