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I was commissioned by the BBC to write and illustrate the book to go with the BBC2

8-part series of the same name.  

Subjects covered include: native and naturalised broadleaf trees, introduced conifers, Orchards, Hedgerows, and six monographs on yew, oak, elm, ash, beech

and Scots pine.




Breaking the nation down into eleven regions, I discovered trees growing in extreme conditions - yews that have taken root in the most inhospitable crevices in the limestone pavements of Lancashire, and ancient individual oaks that have grown to breathtaking proportions, such as the massive 42 foot girthed frame of the famous Bowthorpe Oak in Lincolnshire, Britain's most northerly ash wood in the west Highlands of Scotland, pure laburnum hedges in Shropshire, a single aspen which covers several acres in Wales and one of our rarest native trees, Ley's whitebeam, with only 13 specimens known.


Signed copies available direct from me.

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Heritage Trees Wales is a collection of the most beautiful, historic and important trees in the country, from the well-known to the rarely seen. Steeped in history and surrounded by myth and legend, many of these trees dominate their surroundings with their physical and cultural presence. Others are more hidden from view.  

Published by Graffeg, in association with The Tree Council as part of its Green Monuments Campaign.




   A Walk in the Woods is published by Frances Lincoln in association with The Woodland Trust. A profusely illustrated, themed overview of British woodlands.

I toured  forty-six of Britain’s greatest woodlands to reveal their remarkable diversity - from beech woods, oak woods and pine woods to ancient forest, coastal woodland, ravine woodland and the very best arboreta, A Walk in the Woods celebrates the great diversity and remarkable beauty of British woodland, and includes encounters with some of our most ancient and characterful trees.


Signed copies available direct from me.

Heritage Trees Wales

A Walk in the Woods

The Trees that made Britain

Hidden Trees of Britain