Archie Miles photography



For 45 years I have photographed and written -

photographed industry, tourism, landscape.....

   and written about my abiding passion for landscape and trees in particular.


I have travelled throughout the UK to photograph many of the country’s greatest and

rarest trees as well as a huge diversity of woodlands, building up my library of tree photographs -

a comprehensive collection of over 50,000 images. I have also

been fortunate to travel to some beautiful places across the world.


I am an avid collector, particularly of archive images - trees, naturally,

but also anything unusual that stimulates my imagination.


With my partner Jan Trewin, we run Pearson Bark Cards, a greetings and

postcard business. (click on the logo, left, to go to the website)


I frequently give illustrated tree-related lectures, ranging from small groups in village halls up to

The British Museum, Kew Gardens and Hay Festival.


Jan and I live happily on our small holding in Herefordshire, with two Scottie dogs and one cat –

our daughters, Rowan and Eleanor, now grown and flown.


I am passionate about my traditional orchard with its fine old trees, with its cultural and botanical significance in an ever-changing landscape.

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